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High quality and efficient guarantee your requirement Yu Xin Wright must reach the mission

Consulting Exclusive Service

Well-rounded engineering teem provides one-to-one consulting services Rich practical experiences,analysis of customers and market requirements, market advises.

Program Optimization and evaluation

Industrial design professional make a deepening evaluation and reasonable validation for customer’s designing scheme.then give improving suggestion to fast

Fast Prototyping manufacturing

CNC machining center,3D printing,high precision of 0.01mm,strong supplying system and fast disassembling and manufacturing,express delivery

Low volume production

It can satisfy your demand for the products region and reliability by Rapid tooling,perfect production,quality control and high efficiency

Product show

Great variety Less quantity High quality Fast delivery

Craftsman spirit grinding products, craftsman spirit forging crafts

High precision, high quality, high service, high speed

Delivery on time and on time
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Company Introduction

Integrated hand-made service provider

Yuxin Wright Industrial Prototypes Co.,Ltd.

Kun shan Yuxin Wright Industrial Prototype Co.,Ltd.provides the OEM,ODM and customized services for both domestic and worldwide industrial companies. While the enterprises  are in high_end R&D and customized manufacturing,it will generate the requirements of varied of prototypes,multiple species and small batch of spare parts.This requirements are often in progress of R&D and customerized order of end-user.The feature of customized service  is  Great Variety,Less Quantity,High Quality,Fast Delivery,we define it as “high_end discrete demand”.  For such orders, it\'s hard for the mass production companies to adjust the production lines quickly,also hard to meet the quality requirement for the traditional mills. 

Since founded, Yuxin Wright dedicated to R&D and production of industrial prototypes,and also continiously apply the advanced manufacturing technologies and innovations to industrial customers demand. Our company is one of the top industrial prototype manufacturers in China and has strong competitiveness in overseas market. We have accumulated rich experiences in the research field of high_precision processing technology for new special industrial engineering materials. We provide the most optimized service solutions for our high-end clients including the services of prototypes and multiple small batch of fast production.The applications range Auto parts,UAV drone,Consumer electronics,Communication device,Civil aviation parts,Special equipment,Medical instrument,Electric tools,New energy equipment,Automation industry etc.


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